• About Us

    We are your partner in problem solving and energizing your people to flourish.


    Human flourishing is critical to the health and well-being of everything.


    Where people flourish,

    they live GOOD lives,

    they produce GOOD work,

    and they impact the business bottom line for GOOD.


    Good to the SOUL
    is an emergent social enterprise that

    energizes individuals and institutions to flourish.


    Many of the individuals we energize are people who find themselves at crossroads of life, personally or professionally.


    Many of the institutions we energize to flourish are churches and centers for faith life. Other institutions we energize are colleges and universities, small to medium size nonprofits, and small businesses that employ under 50 employees.


    In addition to contractual human resources, we help clients understand and enhance their cultural competency, assess and address their commitments to human flourishing, while holding space for the "spirit of universal living" (S.O.U.L.).”



  • Our Business Philosophy

    We help companies develop their greatest assets-
    the people who show up to work everyday.

    By assessing and addressing toxic corporate culture,

    providing tools to rehabilitate mediocre employee performance,
    and acclimating new hires to company values,

    we energize employees and companies to flourish.



    According to Gallup's "State of the American Workplace," 70% of US employees aren't showing up to work ready to flourish and those who do show up ready must confront organizational cultures that are riddled with impediments to human flourishing.


    The Problem

    By 2024, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that historically marginalized communities, particularly LGBTQIA, differently-abled, and racial-ethnic minorities will comprise more than 60% of the labor population.
    With the influx of these cultural variances, cultural incompetence creates hurdles and blind-spots for businesses and organizations to mitigate disruptions to human flourishing- literally sucking the soul out of their greatest asset- their people.


    The Solution

    We believe that individuals flourish when they know how to confidently bring their diverse life skills and experiences into the workplace in ways that enable them to lead from their cultural strengths.


    We know that companies flourish when they maximize team member satisfaction and assess and address where corporate cultural ineptitude contributes to impediments to that satisfaction...


    Good to the SOUL is the solution.

  • Our Team

    We've got a pretty GOOD team! (And we're still growing, click here to submit an application to join our ever-growing team!)

    Shonda Nicole Gladden

    Founder & CEO

    Shonda Nicole is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of GTTS who combines close to three decades of experience in coaching, business administration, nonprofit management, and real estate sales in leading this emergent social enterprise.
    She is an Indiana State Notary Public.
    Read more about Shonda Nicole here.

    Michael Jefferson

    Chief Strategist
    and Technology Consultant

    Michael is a brilliant, millennial strategist whose passion for ecological justice and public policy, along with his gifts in administration, technological acumen and resourcefulness add value to the GTTS team.
    Read more about Michael here.

    Rev. Dr. Lena Crouso, PhD.

    Curriculum Consultant

    Dr. Lena is a “third culture kid”, a daughter of Indian Immigrants who spent her formative years growing up in India. Her diverse identity and life journey have given her a heart and mind for the empowerment of all people through intercultural understanding.

    Terry Dove Pittman

    Business Consultant

    Terry's commitment to integrity, along with her expertise in creating social and economic change for historically underrepresented populations, makes her an invaluable asset to the GTTS team. In addition to advising the GTTS Board of Directors, Terry assists GTTS clients on a referral basis.
    Read more about Terry here.

    Dianne Murry

    Operations Assistant

    Dianne is a "Baby Boomer" and lifetime resident of Central Indianapolis who is passionate about doing good. Dianne provides our team with wisdom and guidance as she assists in daily business operations with compassion, grit, and determination.


    Development Consultant

    In addition to assisting the Good to the SOUL Board of Directors with fundraising,
    the Development Consultant assists clients
    with developing GOOD processes and acquiring resources.


    SOUL Stirrer

    SOUL Stirrers are leaders interested in enhancing their skills
    and working with our team to create content and incubate ideas
    while gaining hands-on experience to innovate their industry.
    Ideal candidates are students, retirees and other people
    who have a unique skill set and an interest in doing GOOD.
    We are currently interviewing and finalizing candidates for this position.
    Submit an application here.
    Check back soon to meet our new team members!

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