• About Us

    We are your partner in problem solving and energizing your people to flourish.


    Human flourishing is critical to the health and well-being of everything.


    Where people flourish,

    they live GOOD lives,

    they produce GOOD work,

    and they impact the business bottom line for GOOD.


    Good to the SOUL is a hybrid social enterprise that energizes individuals and institutions to flourish.


    We do this by providing contractual human resources, recruitment and retention services to assist companies in on-boarding new employees, coaching employees in transition, and developing the people, processes and spaces that matter to you.

  • Our Business Philosophy

    We help companies develop their greatest assets-
    the people who show up to work everyday.

    By assessing and addressing toxic corporate culture,

    providing tools to rehabilitate mediocre employee performance and acclimate new hires to company values,

    we energize employees and companies to flourish.



    According to Gallup's "State of the American Workplace," 70% of US employees aren't showing up to work ready to flourish and those who do show up ready must confront organizational cultures that are riddled with impediments to human flourishing.


    The Problem

    By 2024, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that historically marginalized communities, particularly LGBTQIA, differently-abled, and racial-ethnic minorities will comprise more than 60% of the labor population.
    With the influx of these cultural variances, cultural incompetence creates hurdles and blind-spots for businesses and organizations to mitigate disruptions to human flourishing- literally sucking the soul out of their greatest asset- their people.


    The Solution

    Individuals flourish when they know how to confidently bring their diverse life skills and experiences into the workplace in ways that enable them to lead from their cultural strengths.


    Companies flourish when they know how to maximize employee satisfaction and assess and address where corporate cultural ineptitude contributes to impediments to that satisfaction...


    Good to the SOUL is the solution.

  • Our Team

    We've got a pretty GOOD team! (And we're still growing, click here to submit an application to join our ever-growing team!)

    Shonda Nicole Gladden

    CEO and Lead Coach

    Shonda Nicole is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of GTTS who combines close to three decades of experience in coaching, business administration, nonprofit management, and real estate sales in leading this emerging social enterprise.
    She is an Indiana State Notary Public. Read more about Shonda Nicole here.

    Michael Jefferson

    Chief Strategist and Technology Consultant

    Michael is a brilliant, millennial strategist whose passion for ecological justice and public policy, along with his gifts in administration, technological acumen and resourcefulness add value to the GTTS team.
    Read more about Michael here.

    Rev. Dr. Lena Crouso, PhD.

    Curriculum Consultant

    Dr. Lena is a “third culture kid”, a daughter of Indian Immigrants who spent her formative years growing up in India. Her diverse identity and life journey have given her a heart and mind for the empowerment of all people through intercultural understanding.


    Development Consultant

    In addition to assisting the Good to the SOUL Board of Directors with fundraising,
    the Development Consultant assists clients
    with developing GOOD processes and acquiring resources.
    We are currently interviewing candidates for this position.
    Submit an application here.
    Check back soon to meet our new team member!


    Business Consultant

    In addition to assisting the Good to the SOUL Board of Directors with business strategy and expertise, the Business Consultant will be available to assist clients.
    We are currently interviewing candidates for this position.
    Submit an application here.
    Check back soon to meet our new team member!


    SOUL Stirrer

    SOUL Stirrers are leaders interested in enhancing their skills
    and working with our team to create content and incubate ideas
    while gaining hands-on experience to innovate their industry.
    Ideal candidates are students, retirees and other people
    who have a unique skill set and an interest in doing GOOD.
    We are currently interviewing and finalizing candidates for this position.
    Submit an application here.
    Check back soon to meet our new team members!

  • What's GOOD?

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  • The Six Cs

    Our goal is always to do GOOD work.

    Our work can be understood in the following six core expressions:


    from mediocre to
    GOOD and beyond...

    We coach individuals, teams and institutions to harness and maximize the GOOD while identifying steps to [re]kindle the SOUL of their success.


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    We provide GOOD help close by to individuals and companies who occasionally need an extra hand with administrative and well-being services (personal shopping*, errands, short run courier services, etc.) in the Indianapolis, IN marketplace.


    Contact us for a CARE consultation



    We connect the people we know to one another to accomplish GOOD work together. We occasionally host networking events, but our greatest gift is having you and your work in mind as we engage in our work.


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    We cultivate spaces where human flourishing is central and individuals are invited to attend to the healing and well-being of their souls. Cultivating communal spaces for GOOD is an international initiative to develop intentional, short and long-term spaces where people care for themselves, one another and the world around us.



    We curate stories that dominant society has historically deemed to be "not good" by engaging storytellers on the proverbial margins to reclaim the goodness of their stories and enable the flourishing of GOOD throughout the universe.


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    We create wealth for philanthropic good. Every sale, every program, everything we do is to position us to be able to give back to communities and organizations that are doing GOOD.

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