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    We provide cultural competency consulting, contractual human resources, recruitment and retention services to assist companies in on-boarding new employees, coaching individuals, employees and teams through transitions,
    and developing the people, processes and spaces that matter to you.

    As an emergent social enterprise we engage the marketplace through six service areas with one goal:
    to create wealth for philanthropic good.
    Every contract, every sale,
    every program,
    everything we do
    is to position us to be able to give back to communities and organizations that are doing GOOD.


    from mediocre to
    GOOD and beyond...

    We coach individuals, teams and institutions to harness and maximize the GOOD while identifying steps to [re]kindle the SOUL of their success.


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    GOOD Help

    We provide GOOD help close by to individuals and companies who occasionally need an extra hand with administrative and well-being services (personal shopping*, errands, short run courier services, etc.) in the Indianapolis, IN marketplace. Our team includes authorized Shipt, DoorDash, Über, Lyft and other delivery and transportation contractors.


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    GOOD Strategies

    We regularly consult with people who need GOOD strategies.
    Our team is comprised of professional consultants whose expertise includes cultural competency, strategic planning, social media, technology, grant writing, social justice and artivism.


    GOOD Stories

    We curate stories that dominant society has historically deemed to be "not good" by engaging storytellers on the proverbial margins to reclaim the goodness of their stories and enable the flourishing of GOOD throughout the universe.


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    GOOD People

    We connect the people we know to one another to accomplish GOOD work together. We occasionally host networking events, but our greatest gift is having you and your work in mind as we engage in our work.


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    GOOD Spaces

    We cultivate spaces where human flourishing is central and individuals are invited to attend to the healing and well-being of their souls. Cultivating communal spaces for GOOD is an international initiative to develop intentional, short and long-term spaces where people care for themselves, one another and the world around us.

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