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This Far By Faith

My SOUL Stirrer Testimony

· SOUL Stirrers,Qutanya Austin


Pain is having no defining level

People are running ill

Complex thoughts about this and that

Some are shaking a hat for coins, dollars, scraps

Brothers contemplating to kill

HIS.... voice says Peace be Still.


Many are feeling forgotten
Some listening to that rotten mess!

Mama, Daddy saying we gotta pack

Children standing in the back

Many writing ends of life wills

Believers saying Lord Let Your will be done.


Q.Austin, Author

God is aware of what is going on all around the world.

We human beings think that we can fix everything.

Let me tell you about this one year. I fell three times in less than 2 weeks. I live with chronic pain. The impact of the falls worsened the pain. I could not get out of bed, stand or walk. I did not have a paycheck for 6 months or more. I tried everything that I thought of; nothing worked. 


I started laying my cares before the Lord. He provided more than I needed. 


My body is healing. I believe I had forgotten how to depend on the Lord.

The Life of a SOUL Stirrer

During this time of isolation/social distancing, I encourage you to be Good to Your Soul.

Focus on your faith

Qutanya Austin is a SOUL Stirrer for Health and Wellness. She humbly shares her journey as an immunocompromised individual who refuses to allow her physical condition to keep her from accomplishing her dreams.

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