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By Beverly Rogers, SOUL Stirrer

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The Coronavirus fills the news with warnings, updates and cautionary notes – especially for the elderly and those with other medical challenges. What does that mean for me and my fellow residents living in a senior independent living community?Living independently is key for many of us because we can choose how we want to spend our days. We enjoy shopping, exercising, socializing and learning new hobbies on our own, with family or in neighborly groups. It is the ultimate reward for retiring from the many years of working and/or raising a family. In society’s attempt to keep us safe, the activities that provide joy between doctor’s appointments have been confiscated. The new rule is to shelter-in-place.

  • The van doesn’t transport us to get groceries, visit diverse restaurants as a lunch bunch nor can we try our luck at the nearest casino.
  • Our chapel and the library with the computers are closed. Church online is the only option but leaves many of the residents who don’t have the technical gadgets to connect are left without their usual spiritual connection.
  • There are notices requesting we not gather in any one of the numerous conversation areas including the café.

But we are the older generation. We have made it through many storms.

The song, "For Every Mountain," expresses our gratefulness for all the mountains and valleys from which God has brought us. My neighbors and I have found ways to assist and support those who find it difficult to leave their home without assistance.

  • We have residents who find joy in cooking and baking. They have provided grab and go meals including soup to those who care to partake. Donations are welcome but not necessary.
  • Restaurants and church ministries have provided food so that volunteers can cook and package grab and go meals. 

Yes, we miss bingo and card games. Yes, we miss exercise and yoga classes. Yes, we miss in-house bible study and entertainment from outside agencies. But we know, the good Lord willing, this too shall pass.

Beverly Rogers is a GTTS SOUL Stirrer for Health and Wellness. As a village elder and the senior most member of our team, she occasionally writes blog posts to share sage perspectives not widely circulated on the world wide web.

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