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Virtual Workplace Etiquette

Addressing Toxicity in Virtual Workplaces

· COVID-19 Responses,Workplace Etiquette

As more and more workplaces are transitioning to video/audio/and other teleconference options amid the COVID-19 pandemic, toxic workplaces can and will take on new meanings. Employees may do well to engage in radical self-care by naming and addressing toxic workplace interactions.

There will be passive aggressive colleagues who will attempt to dismiss your contributions or demean your position; don’t take the bait.

There may be conference call bullies who will micro-aggressively talk over or intentionally derail the conversation; find and maintain your center.

Now, perhaps more than ever, we need professionalism, civility and colleagues who engage in workplace etiquette that keeps the goal of the whole in mind.

If you or your staff are experiencing toxicity in the virtual workplace, perhaps a consultation with one of our coaches can help. Schedule a free thirty minute coaching conversation here.

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