• Business Philosophy

    We help organizations develop their greatest assets-
    the people who show up to work everyday.

    By assessing and addressing toxic corporate culture,

    providing tools to rehabilitate mediocre staff performance,
    and acclimating new team members to company values,

    we energize staff and organizations to flourish.



    According to Gallup's "State of the American Workplace," 70% of US employees aren't showing up to work ready to flourish and those who do show up ready must confront organizational cultures that are riddled with impediments to human flourishing.


    The Problem

    By 2024, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that historically marginalized communities, particularly LGBTQIA, differently-abled, and racial-ethnic minorities will comprise more than 60% of the labor population.
    With the influx of these cultural variances, cultural incompetence creates hurdles and blind-spots for businesses and organizations to mitigate disruptions to human flourishing- literally sucking the soul out of their greatest asset- their people.


    The Solution

    We believe that individuals flourish when they know how to confidently bring their diverse life skills and experiences into the workplace in ways that enable them to lead from their cultural strengths.


    We know that companies flourish when they maximize team member satisfaction and assess and address where corporate cultural ineptitude contributes to impediments to that satisfaction...


    Good to the SOUL is the solution.

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