• We are your partner in problem solving and energizing your people to flourish.


    Human flourishing is critical to the health and well-being of everything.


    Where people flourish,

    they live GOOD lives,

    they produce GOOD work,

    and they impact the business bottom line for GOOD.


    Good to the SOUL
    is an emergent social enterprise that

    energizes individuals and institutions to flourish.


    Many of the individuals we energize are people who find themselves at crossroads of life, personally or professionally.


    Many of the institutions we energize to flourish are churches and centers for faith life. Other institutions we energize are colleges and universities, small to medium size nonprofits, and small businesses that employ under 50 employees.


    In addition to contractual human resources, we help clients understand and enhance their cultural competency, assess and address their commitments to human flourishing, while holding space for the "spirit of universal liberation" (S.O.U.L.).”



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