• SOUL Stirrers

    SOUL Stirrers are essential to the Good to the SOUL enterprise.
    They are leaders committed to enhancing their skills and working with our team
    to create content and incubate ideas while gaining hands-on experience to innovate their respective industries.
    SOUL Stirrers are the heartbeat of our work.

    We are always interviewing candidates for new SOUL Stirrers.
    Ideal candidates are students, retirees and other people who have unique skill sets and an interest in doing GOOD.

    Submit an application here.

    Beverly Rogers

    SOUL Stirrer

    Beverly Rogers says she is a survivor.  She survived a 40 year management career, 2 marriages with a blended family of 4 children, 43 years of marriage with the same man– 12 years as his caregiver, and 23 years free of breast cancer. Ms. Beverly retired from the American Hospital Association (AHA) in 1993 where she provided leadership, strategic directions, orientation and support to 2 boards of directors, 22 committees and 120 affiliated chapters. Although Ms. Beverly is a dedicated SOUL Stirrer, her role at GTTS is far broader than words could ever express.

    Qutanya Austin

    SOUL Stirrer

    Qutanya is enthusiastic about being an advocate for all people, especially for youth and women. She understands the importance of building a committed relationship with the community naturally and spiritually. Experienced as an educator, entrepreneur, and business administrator she is an important member of the GTTS team.

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